Rebuilding Relationships

after Betrayal

My unique program is a proven, step-by-step guide for couples trying to reconcile after betrayals.

It is possible to reconnect and build a whole new marriage after betrayal.

Betrayal Trauma Understood

Betrayal Trauma is a unique type of betrayal. Both people need to have a clear understanding in order to move forward with empathy.


It is not just the betrayed partner who needs to learn to trust. In fact, in my programs, the unfaithful partner must trust first.

Emotional Connections

Living a truly fulfilling life is dependent on having healthy emotional connections with others. Learning how to connect emotionally is one key to reconciliation.

Underlying Causes

There are always deeper reasons underneath our choices. Becoming curious about those reasons will help both people heal and recover.

Needs and Values

Human behaviors are driven by our belief system and our value structure. Understanding this concept leads to life changes.

Content-Based Program

Having the latest research into betrayal recovery allows me to have the greatest impact on the couples I work with, which is great news for you.

Motivation, Knowledge, Tools

If you are internally motivated to make a change, with the goal of completely transforming your marriage, then I will give you the knowledge and tools to do just that!

Some Client Reviews...

Patty S.

I took Beth’s 8-week “Freedom from Fear” course, and I write this as a changed person. I had been stuck in a deep, dark well for years following my divorce after 35 years of marriage. My three grown daughters and I were devastated by the annihilation of our family and struggled to understand. I spent way too much time focusing on my ex-husband’s problems and googling what childhood traumas could have led to his destructive decisions. Another year would pass by, and I remained frozen—too afraid to move forward or backward. I knew it was wrong, but I could not get out of it. Somehow, I stumbled upon Beth and from our first phone call, I knew she would be my guide to get me out of the darkness. And she was. Her kind, caring demeanor combined with her vast expertise on the subject, showed me the way to a new life. Each week, something she would say would resonate so deeply, I moved closer and closer toward the top of the well. My daughters have noticed I am a happier, more confident person. If you are in a similar situation, I highly recommend taking Beth’s course soon. Do not waste all the time that I did. Take it as soon as you can. The course is exactly as the title states. I truly cannot thank Beth enough for giving me my life back.

Angie M.

I came across Beth and watched her free 8 counseling videos. omg... I've watched it twice in 2 days. 1st on my own, then with my partner. We have gotten so much out of this. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom. I would really like to work with you more.

Paula M.

I would strongly recommend Beth as she went through the same trauma. She is easily accessible and is there to help.

Madalynn P.

Beth has been a life saver through the worst days of my life so far. She seems to know exactly I need at the moment and he practical suggestions have gotten me through.

Wendy S.

Beth's wisdom and experience with betrayal trauma has been so helpful to me. I've felt lost and alone and her affirmation of my process as normal has been so healing. Then, she gives a real road map to reconciliation, at least in my betrayal experience. Not everyone will reconcile, but my goal is to work towards a whole family and Beth provides the steps in that journey that are meaningful.

Vincent M.

Beth has helped me more in a couple weeks along with two seminars than all the therapy sessions, meetings and programs I've been involved in for the last year and a half. Beth knows all the ins and outs for a recovery for the unfaithful and the damaged spouse. Her knowledge and wisdom regarding affairs is unbelievable for both parties. I cannot say enough good about her. She is definitely 5 star.

Scott M.

Thank you Beth for your outstanding webinar. The time taken to put together 3 solid days, speaks highly of your dedication to educate the people that attend. You are prepared, you stay on point, you answer all the questions,you stay late well past your scheduled time of 60 minutes and you are real. I would recommend your webinar to anyone I know that is going through betrayal Or to anyone I know that is the betrayer. Thank you for your passion and commitment to excellence as a teacher and coach.

Lori M.

Beth Fischer has the most comprehensive, informative post betrayal program and information I have heard in my two year search for answers.  Like Beth says this is simplistically/complicated but to hear what I need to heal and move forward, put in a way that I can apply it to my everyday life, makes me hopeful that one day sooner than later I will be whole again. For me Beth is a lifeline to a better state of mind and marriage.

Lisa K.

Thank you so much for your utter dedication to helping us heal and to providing such depth and breadth of knowledge.... Wow! 

Lisa L.

Beth is an expert on Betrayal Trauma.  Her depth of knowledge and the way she expresses herself makes people listen and makes people want to change for the best.  She will walk with both people, the betrayed and betrayer, to get through to the other side of the pain for both parties.

Vera S.

Beth is amazing, she definitely knows what she is talking about. I've been stuck for 2 1/2 years after day one of the webinar I didn't feel alone anymore... actually quite the opposite,,I felt empowered...after day three I see there will be light at the end of the tunnel...My husband and I are looking forward in signing up for her program...I'm actually excited for the future...thank you Beth for your encouragement. God has a special place in heaven for you...Beth is honest and direct and that is what is needed in this kind of recovery...thank you so very much for everything Beth...God Bless to you and your family 💕

Cam H.

Still being on a healing journey, I would never have made it this far, in this short amount of time, without the support  of Beth. Beth working with both the betrayed and the betrayer in a parallel process has taken me as an individual, and us a couple, so much further than if only one of us had been looking for support, or if we hade been on two separate courses. Healing from betrayal is very hard, but with the tools I got from Pain to Power, and my husband from Helping Her Heal, I have got a lot of hope for the future.

Tanya M.

I asked my husband to listen after I did and he commented. " I didn't realize that other people were going through the same thing". The course is spot-on in explaining the emotions and validating my feelings. He also said it was helpful to hear another person explain the pain he caused, he could better understand what I was going through. He hadn't noticed that I had stopped eating and sleeping until he listened to the seminar. Now he is checking on me every day to make sure I'm taking care of my health. Thank you for the free seminars you are helping so many couples with your generosity.  

Carl L.

I found this series of videos very helpful in facing some of the challenges that I am facing after an affair. The topics, broken up into manageable discussions, were on point, informative, and useful in approaching my partner about this situation. Beth used very straightforward language and built on several ideas as she progressed through the series. To understand our partner's experience of having been cheated on is of profound importance for healing to take place.

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